Hi prefect team! I have an issue when registering...
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Hi prefect team! I have an issue when registering a flow using docker storage. I have a Github Action that downloads the latest version of prefect and register the new flow when the branch changes. I haven't introduced any change since October 30th using Prefect Version 0.13.13. Today when I tried to update my flow this error has appeared. I've tried to do the same from my computer (using version 0.13.13) and it works fine. In our team we follow the update announcements of new versions of Prefect but we haven't seen anything that could affect to our flow. Do you have any idea of what the problem could be? We are using the following command to register if it can help to find the problem:
flow.register(project_name=env_label, add_default_labels=False)
We use also the
flow.storage = Docker(...)
command. Thanks for your time, and sorry if it is an obvious question 😅
Ah, you've found a bug. Will fix shortly, thanks!
Thanks for your help! 😊
Thanks! 🙂