has anyone else ever seen this behavior whereby th...
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has anyone else ever seen this behavior whereby they register a flow (using
run config,
for storage) with labels, and the labels show up in the prefect UI, but not in the terminal output? e.g. I execute:
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with Flow(
    "docker-flow", run_config=DockerRun(labels=["data-science"]), storage=Docker()
) as flow:
and then register the flow. The flow shows up in the UI with the
label, but the terminal output when registering the flow looks like:
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Flow URL: <flow_url>
 └── ID: <id>
 └── Project: test-project
 └── Labels: []
this was causing me to believe that the labels weren't getting attached to the flow, but they are in fact there
Hi @Sean Talia the PR that “accidentally” fixes this was actually just merged minutes ago! 🙂 Will be out in the next release! (here is the line that was changed)
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perfect, always happy to hear that it's not me missing something obvious 😎