Hi, Looking at <https://www.prefect.io/get-prefec...
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Hi, Looking at https://www.prefect.io/get-prefect/#pricing - Do "2 concurrent flow runs" (the Team plan) mean that only 2 flows can run at the same time? I'm aware that the question is self explanatory, however I'm a bit baffled that such a constraint is in place. Am I missing something?
Hi Emil, yes at the moment the self-serve Team tier is restricted to 2 concurrent flow runs. We plan to update our self-serve pricing tiers in early Q1, but in the meantime if you want to customize a plan you can reach out to
Hi @Chris White, thanks for the quick answer. I'll send a mail.
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Hi Emil, my name is Kyle DeMerritt, we'd welcome the opportunity to learn more about your interest and answer any questions. I will follow-up on our email thread OR please feel free to DM myself!