Julio Venegas

12/09/2020, 1:15 PM
Hi Prefect team, I’ve been reading a bit more on agents and I think that having diagrams in the documentation for the interactions between different agent types, the Prefect API (is this GraphQL??), and the storage and executor chosen for a Flow, would really help making it crystal clear what happens where. For example, the docs on a local agent make it very clear that it is local because the Flows that the local agent polls the Prefect API for, will be run in the same machine as where Prefect has been installed. So the logal agent is both local in the sense that it is 1) a process local to the machine where Prefect is installed, and 2) runs Flows in the same machine as where Prefect is installed. But when I read the Kubernetes agent docs, it is not clear to me whether the Kubernetes agent process runs in the same environment/machine as where Prefect is installed and pushes Flows to a Kubernetes cluster, or whether we install a Kubernetes agent in our Kubernetes cluster and it pulls Flows to the cluster. Or are both valid options?
prefect agent kubernetes start
would start a Kubernetes agent in the environment where Prefect is installed but
prefect agent install kubernetes
installs the agent in the Kubernetes cluster right? Having diagrams for these interactions would make it more intuitive to read the docs.


12/09/2020, 2:00 PM
Hey @Julio Venegas we’re actually in the process of rewriting these docs right now! There is an open PR for some enhancements and we welcome comments 🙂
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Julio Venegas

12/09/2020, 3:02 PM
Hi Josh, awesome! Will have a look at the commits 😄 and thanks for all the work on Prefect, loving it!