Hi. :wave: I want to access prefect.context.param...
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Hi. đź‘‹ I want to access prefect.context.parameters from within a task state_handler but the value I get is always
. The idea is to send an email (EmailTask) on a task failure and I want to parameterise the email address that will be alerted. Is there another way to pass a variable into a state_handler? Am I going in the wrong direction? Thanks
@Christian could you post an example of your state handler? And the parameters being passed into your flow
Sure (by the way, prefect.context.flow_name has a valid entry)
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def email_on_failure(task, old_state, new_state):
    """Send email on FAIL state"""
    if new_state.is_failed():
        notification_email = prefect.context.parameters.get("notification_email")
        flow_name = prefect.context.flow_name
        task = EmailTask(
            subject="Prefect alert: {} {}".format(flow_name, new_state),
                "{} GreatExpectation Validation failed\n\nTask: {}; New State: {}".format(
                    flow_name, task, new_state
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validation_task = RunGreatExpectationsValidation(
Parameter (defined in the scope of the flow, before the task is called):
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notification_email = Parameter(      "notification_email", default="<mailto:an_email@gmail.com|an_email@gmail.com>")
Just wondering, does accessing it from
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prefect.context.get("parameters", {}).get(param_name)
have any effect? Going off of this issue here https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/issues/1307. If it doesn’t then would you mind opening an issue in the repo with a reproducible example so we can triage? Also it seems like you’re using an EmailTask inside that handler for failed states and instead I would recommend using the EmailTask in your flow directly as a downstream to the task you are checking to fail. And I would suggest taking advantage of triggers to accomplish this same behavior! https://docs.prefect.io/core/getting_started/next-steps.html#triggers https://docs.prefect.io/api/latest/triggers.html That way you have the email task as part of your flow and you can react specifically to the failure of the upstream task! 🙂
Thanks. I'll have a look at triggers.