Hi Prefect community, how can I configure agent to...
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Hi Prefect community, how can I configure agent to work for specific tenant? There is the error in agent log, is it possible to set it via env var?
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[2020-12-16 14:48:37,015] ERROR - agent | 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <http://prefect-apollo:4200/>

The following error messages were provided by the GraphQL server:

    INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR: Variable "$input" got invalid value null at
        "input.tenant_id"; Expected non-nullable type UUID! not to be null.

The GraphQL query was:

    mutation($input: get_runs_in_queue_input!) {
            get_runs_in_queue(input: $input) {

The passed variables were:

    {"input": {"before": "2020-12-16T14:48:36.911186+00:00", "labels": ["talynuc", "any"], "tenant_id": null}}
Hey @Vitaly Shulgin does your server instance have a default tenant created? If you are running with
prefect server start
then it will create one for you, otherwise you should create one using something like this CLI command
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prefect server create-tenant --name name_here --slug slug_here
I created one tenant manually
and, restarted agent in k8s, log looks good now
Okay, so by log looks good you mean you aren’t seeing the error anymore?
yes, I don't see such error any more
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and, in UI, I see agent joined