Hello, are there plans for <Prefect.io> to allow t...
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Hello, are there plans for Prefect.io to allow the restoration of an archived flow? This doesn't seem to be an option on the UI (please let me know if I'm missing it!) Some context: we deployed a flow into our development environment last week that ran successfully locally, but then failed in the cloud. If this had happened in our production flows, we would have had a broken flow until the issue was successfully debugged locally, and resolved (this could take hours). If we could just have a flow "rollback" feature from the UI, that would be great. An aside, but the issue btw came down to two things: (1) some project dependencies and (2) we found an experimental feature in Docker called gRPC FUSE on mac computers that needed to be turned off.
Hey @jars, AFAIK, there aren’t plans to allow for the restoration of an archived flow as you’ve described. The issue I see with configuring rollbacks through the UI is the disconnect between the flow versions and the storage method: rolling back your flow version doesn’t always rollback the code. For experienced users who understand how to change their code without changing registered metadata or those who adhere to a strict storage versioning system, this seems like a non-issue. For new users however, this disconnect can potentially cause some confusion or potentially restrict code storage methodologies. Currently, the situation is rectified by moving forward with newly registered versions to reflect code changes and to keep available storage options open to different types of operations. That being said, I totally understand this sentiment and am all ears to further discussion. 👂
Thanks for your help, @Kyle Moon-Wright!