One of my flows, which usually works just fine, fa...
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One of my flows, which usually works just fine, failed yesterday with this unusual error:
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prefect.utilities.exceptions.ClientError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: <>

The following error messages were provided by the GraphQL server:

    INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR: Variable "$input" got invalid value null at
        "input.states[0].task_run_id"; Expected non-nullable type UUID! not to be null.

The GraphQL query was:

    mutation($input: set_task_run_states_input!) {
            set_task_run_states(input: $input) {
                states {
Runs (for different flows) after the failed run work again. This failed flow will run again at 4pm (in ~5h). Is this a known issue? Did I do something wrong?
Hi @Sébastien it’s odd that this randomly occurred and everything after it worked fine 🤔 Do you happen to know the timestamp of when this was raised? Also I don’t think it’s anything you did wrong 🙂 seems like it could be a blip