been having some problems organizing flow of flows...
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been having some problems organizing flow of flows:
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customer_flow = Flow('customer_flow')
customer_flow.register(project_name="All Flows")

customer_uptodate = check_status(source='db.sqlite3', target='db_target.sqlite3', table='customers')
test_target_db = test_target_db()
test_source_db = test_source_db()

I get the error “ValueError: Could not infer an active Flow context.” (edited) but I couldn’t understand what exactly i’m doing wrong using the imperative API. registered the flow, registerd the tasks, add_task to flow. i didn’t understand what could I do differently, since the error appears right at my first task (customer_uptodate = check_status(source=‘db.sqlite3’, target=‘db_target.sqlite3’, table=‘customers’)