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Hi @Ajith Kumara Beragala Acharige Lal it looks like the ui can't connect to your server backend. Some things to check - Is your server still running? What url is showing in the ui homepage - is it the one you expect? (You can see the homepage by opening the side nav and selecting home) - Is there anything in your local storage that needs clearing/updating?
And welcome to Prefect!
thanks for the response @Jenny , this is the home page am getting, does this say Prefect server is perfectly working ? 🤔
I thought it would show me
no flows
instead of keep on loading flows (@Jenny )
Kindly note , I've updated default port from
and Postresql port
the weird part is I don't see any errors in application log
At the top right of your screen on the toolbar, there's a triangle with a line through it. That shows the UI can't connect to the server backend. Lower down on the homepage you took a screen shot of, it will show a URL - that's the backend it's trying to connect to. Is that URL what you expect?
Also the "loading flows" message is likely because it can't connect, not because there are flows to load.
Things are may be a little more complicated if you're trying to change the postgresql port. This issue discusses in more detail:
okay, now i see this @Jenny