Hello Prefect Community! I’ve been testing Prefect...
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Hello Prefect Community! I’ve been testing Prefect and it is amazing 🙂 I am simulating different task flows. I love versioning the flows, but it comes to my mind that, when a flow has a bug (i.e. discovered because new input data raises a new exception) and causes an error in a flow run, I need to deploy a new flow version and restart the failed flow run. In that case, if I restart the failed flow run it uses the previous version. What is the recommended workflow for this use case? To make a manual flow run with the correct parameters? Thank you in advance!
Hi @jcozar - welcome to Prefect! You're correct in your workflow there, that you'll want to kick off a new run with the correct parameters. You can even do some bookkeeping on the old run by manually setting its state (with the
button at the top right of the flow run page) and/or naming the run (by hovering over the name of the flow run) something informative to you.
Hi @nicholas, thank you very much for your response!
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