Just a heads up: the docs currently state that "Af...
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Just a heads up: the docs currently state that "After registration, the flow will be stored in the specified bucket under 
." over here: https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/flow_config/storage.html#aws-s3 and also: "If this key is not provided the Flow upload name will take the form 
." over here: https://docs.prefect.io/api/latest/storage.html#s3 It turns out that the latter is correct (which was not what I expected grr)
Hi @Amanda Wee - I think the confusion originates from the generic name of the flow in the top example; the flow name in that case is
which is the slugified-flow-name but I definitely can see where that causes confusion; if you’d like to PR a name change to that example we’d definitely accept it!
Also, the latter docs state:
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Flows registered with this Storage option will automatically be labeled with s3-flow-storage.
but from what I see, this isn't happening: my flows have no label at all
@Chris White yeah, that makes sense. Would be better to be consistent with the latter doc as that's more obviously metasyntatic.
ah yes that behavior changed very recently with 0.14.0 so we should update that
@Marvin open “Storage label documentation updates”
oh, you mean the automatic label with
is since 0.14.0? I'm running 0.14.2
the automatic labeling was actually removed in 0.14.0