Hello Prefect Community! I’m working on a new tool...
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Hello Prefect Community! I’m working on a new tool that solves the main problem we currently see in documentation: it is very far from the codebase!  That is why we develop a tool that enables linking code with documentation, so that: • developers or technical writers responsible for Prefect documentation can get notifications on Github when a code that is linked to docs changes, • new contributors, while reading documentation, can quickly view source code connected to a given functionality so that they can quickly understand the codebase. Do you think that such a tool would be useful to you? More information and preview is on our website: https://www.hastydocs.com All feedback is very appreciated! Cheers, Jarek
Hi Jarek, thanks for sharing!
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Hey Dylan, What do you think about use case where parts of your docs can be linked directly to the source code so that new users or new contributors can easy see code when they read about it in your documentation?
Do you think that it could also be useful feature to faster onboard new developers joining Prefect?