Q: Can Prefect Agent be set up to run Hashicorp `N...
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Q: Can Prefect Agent be set up to run Hashicorp
as executor instead of
?? I want to use Prefect on the Cloud to drive a
cluster installed on-premise
Hi @BK Lau currently there isn’t nomad support in Prefect. There used to be a Nomad agent a long time ago as a POC but was removed due to lack of use and the burden to maintain it. Making the Agent and Executor interface more customizable is something that we are actively exploring in the near future and it would allow users to better take advantage of platforms such as Nomad without requiring maintainers of the Prefect library from having to keep up with it. 🙂
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@josh Quite important, I must say, we are trying to extend Prefect usage to HPC cluster using Nomad!!. The sooner we can get the interface defined, the more easier for third-party to contribute to Prefect. It's definitely a high priority.