Loc Nguyen

01/21/2021, 3:26 AM
Hii, i am having some issues with trying Prefect on Docker, when i pull the image down and run, it dies immediately, here is my docker command:
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sudo docker run -d prefecthq/prefect:latest
Checking docker logs, i have this:
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tini (tini version 0.18.0)
Usage: tini [OPTIONS] PROGRAM -- [ARGS] | --version

Execute a program under the supervision of a valid init process (tini)

Command line options:

  --version: Show version and exit.
  -h: Show this help message and exit.
  -s: Register as a process subreaper (requires Linux >= 3.4).
  -p SIGNAL: Trigger SIGNAL when parent dies, e.g. "-p SIGKILL".
  -v: Generate more verbose output. Repeat up to 3 times.
  -w: Print a warning when processes are getting reaped.
  -g: Send signals to the child's process group.
  -e EXIT_CODE: Remap EXIT_CODE (from 0 to 255) to 0.
  -l: Show license and exit.

Environment variables:

  TINI_SUBREAPER: Register as a process subreaper (requires Linux >= 3.4).
  TINI_VERBOSITY: Set the verbosity level (default: 1).
  TINI_KILL_PROCESS_GROUP: Send signals to the child's process group.
It is quite unclear what is the issue 😞

Chris White

01/21/2021, 4:44 AM
Hi Loc - what do you expect to happen when you run this image? The image isn’t configured with a run command, it’s intended to be used a base image for building and storing your workflows

Loc Nguyen

01/21/2021, 6:04 AM
ahhh okayy i see, sorry for this as i am still new to Prefect, i think it will run a server on local 😞 Lets me try the other way then
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