```from prefect import Flow, Task, task, Parameter...
# prefect-community
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from prefect import Flow, Task, task, Parameter
from prefect.tasks.prefect import StartFlowRun

def first(k):
    return {k: 10}

def second(foo):
    foo['quux'] = 20
    foo['foo'] += 3
    return foo

with Flow('f1') as f1:
    p = Parameter('k', default='foo')
    x = first(p)

with Flow('f2') as f2:
    foo = Parameter('foo', default={'foo': 20})
    y = second(foo)

ft1 = StartFlowRun(flow_name='f1',wait=True) # project_name here or not?
ft2 = StartFlowRun(flow_name='f2', wait=True)
with Flow('f3') as f3:
    _r = ft1()
r = f3.run()