Hey Prefect community. Dropping in here to get som...
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Hey Prefect community. Dropping in here to get some advice on contributing to the repo. Specifically, I made a few changes to server MySQL task and want to spin up a local instance to test. I tried building the docker image and running (with PYTHON_VERSION and PREFECT_VERSION build args) but the container immediately stops when I run it. Am I doing this right? I couldn't find any documentation about running the stack locally and wasn't sure where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hey Jacob! It’s awesome to hear you’re looking to contribute; is there a reason you’re trying to test your changes within a docker image? Generally for task contributions, unit tests + confirmation that you’re able to run the task against a running MySQL database is sufficient. You can find some general guidelines for making contributions here as well: https://docs.prefect.io/core/development/overview.html
I wasn't sure exactly how to run it locally. The docs just say "clone the repo" and "write your code" but it doesn't say how to run it lol. I'm probably just being dumb on how to start it @Chris White