Also, it seems like the official prefect image is ...
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Also, it seems like the official prefect image is configured to display the ascii prefer splash screen (below) and then immediately terminate? The docs say to just use docker-compose, but point to the generic docker-compose website and not an example compose file. Is there an example compose file which has the server configured to keep the server online?
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_____ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ _______
| __ \| __ \| ____| ____| ____/ ____|__ __|
| |__) | |__) | |__ | |__ | |__ | | | |
| ___/| _ /| __| | __| | __|| | | |
| | | | \ \| |____| | | |___| |____ | |
|_| |_| \_\______|_| |______\_____| |_|

Thanks for using Prefect!!!

This is the official docker image for Prefect Core, intended for executing
Prefect Flows. For more information, please see the docs:
Generally people start the prefect docker-compose setup with the command
prefect server start
which uses this file:
Ah, and here I was trying to set the container command to be “prefect server start” and wondering why it was going all foobar. So prefect server start actually invokes docker-compose…hmm…
We added the splash screen in hopes that it would clear up this confusion 😄 is there something we could clarify in the docs?
My confusion was simply not realising that prefect start was launching docker-compose when I assumed it was a local application and I wanted to (myself) put it in a docker-compose. I suppose the confusion comes from an airflow background, in which the main airflow server is run locally and its up to you to abstract it out. In particular, a lot of the questions Ive been posting on here are because our deployment model is to add services into a docker swarm - and if I want to use prefect I need to include its services inside the swarm, rather than having a swarm service which tries to itself start docker compose.