So is the `Prefect Agent` responsible for passing ...
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So is the
Prefect Agent
responsible for passing output of one task as input of another task in Prefect flow DAG since the Prefect server manages no code or input/output data. i'm trying to wrap my heads around what is the responsibility of the Agent. Maybe an architecture diagram might help.
Hi @BK Lau -- the agent is purely responsible for creating the process that runs the flow. The flow and task runners handle passing data.
@Zanie Is the flow/task runners also responsible for pulling code dependencies, artifacts, configs it needs into the execution environment?
The process looks a bit like this: -- Write your flow -- Register your flow -- Flow storage is built, flow code is written somewhere in your infrastructure -- Flow metadata is serialized, sent to Prefect -- Run an agent, queries Prefect for flows to run -- Run your flow from the UI, marks the flow as ready to run -- Agent detects flow, gets metadata from Prefect -- Agent locates flow storage in your infra -- Creates a process to execute the flow
That's dependent on the type of run configuration you're using. If you're using a `DockerAgent`/`DockerRun` then you just put all of that in a docker image and the agent creates a container with that image that executes your flow.
If you're using a
then whatever environment your agent is in is the environment your code runs in (roughly)
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