Hi all, anoter query from me: How do I tell prefec...
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Hi all, anoter query from me: How do I tell prefect server where the server actually is. I now have a docker container up in the cloud with the 4200 port exposed, and I need to connect to it and run the command to create a default tenant. However, I cannot find any documentation in the prefect.cli for this and the help menu for prefect backend just tells me there are options, but gives no details on what they are (screenshot attached). How can I say something along the lines of
prefect backend server --address=<http://something:4200/graphql>
Hi @Samuel Hinton -- you'll need to modify your
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host = "<http://localhost>"
port = "4200"
host_port = "4200"
endpoint = "${server.host}:${server.port}"
It lives at
Thanks @Zanie - Ill give this a shot 🙂
Hmm can I confirm its a TCP request under the hood? Either Ive done something wrong on the config side or the exposed port (TCP 4200) is not what I should have opened?
It should be a TCP request since we're using a requests session
Awesome, Ill keep debugging, thanks mate