Hello, I am new to prefect and have executed parts...
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Hello, I am new to prefect and have executed parts of the tutorial of basic features applied to our environment (Exasol Data Warehouse). I managed to execute arbitrary SQL statements on the Exasol Data Warehouse via a Prefect flow composed of tasks executing sql functions on Exasol in a specific sequence. So far I am running everything locally on my laptop. I have a few questions mainly on deployment for production environments, perhaps you can help: 1. Regarding deployment on a production environment, I would like an installation on on a docker host. However I do not want to install anything on the docker host itself (things like conda, prefect package, etc.) - rather I want everything encapsulated within separate docker containers. I ran across https://github.com/flavienbwk/prefect-docker-compose - which explains the deployment via custom docker compose in much more detail but it seems that on the docker host, prefect has to be installed in the OS as well. Are there other similar resources or alternatives? 2. Is there a open source solution for the Prefect UI to add user administration and user rights? 3. Is it possible to execute a single Prefect Task within a docker container? 4. Is it possible to execute a single Prefect Task with Kubernetes? 5. does Prefect or some other company provide support for on premise deployments?
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Hi @Joachim Zaspel and welcome 🙂 1. You don't need to install Prefect in the OS to run the Server infrastructure, it just makes it easier for us to provide a command to do so with dynamically set options. You should easily be able to use the code for the
prefect server start
command to guide you in your own prefect-install-free implementation to spin up the containers. 2. There is no concept of a user in Prefect Server and there is no other open source implementation. If that's a feature you need, Cloud is the way to go. 3. Not yet -- you can use the
tasks in the task library to run a container in a task but there is not task-level environment configuration. 4. Not yet -- similar to #3. Task level environments are being considered but are not a feature yet. You may want to write a Flow that uses
to launch your subflow that needs a custom environment. 5. Yes (perhaps with some caveats). You can reach out to our sales team for this at sales@prefect.io.
Thank you. I will shortly contact sales once I have finshed up running the main use cases on a local dev to find out more about the available commercial options.