Glad to be back doing some work with Prefect. I ...
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Glad to be back doing some work with Prefect. I can see a lot has changed since I was last working with it. I'm having some problems with
commands against my local server. I guess it could be a installation or configuration problem, but debugging makes it look like there is an issue with initializing Client objects to talk to the local server. Specifically:
prefect create project my_project
Both generate
prefect.utilities.exceptions.ClientError: Malformed response received from API.
errors. If I debug both problems I wind up in
where it looks like it sets the api_server to the cloud host because no
is passed in. I have the backend set to to
. In
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Client().create_project(project_name=name, project_description=description)
it looks like the
needs to be passed to
or Client needs to do something other than
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self.api_server = api_server or"graphql")
Same issue in
I can connect to the server fine from my local browser or through switched to the local server. (Nice feature by the way.)
Hi Nathan, what version of prefect server do you have deployed, and what version of prefect are you using to interact with it? Those commands work fine for me, I'm wondering if you have a version mismatch.
Prefect 0.14.6 Not sure where to check the server version. It is whatever came along with the installation of 14.6. I have to think it is something on my end as if this is broken there would be lots of other people having the problem. I'll see if I can carve out some time to try it on another computer this afternoon. That should at least separate out environment issues.
If you use
prefect server start
to startup prefect server, the server version should match that of prefect (so also 0.14.6). If you figure out any more details of this issue, please let me know. It is indeed odd that you're having this issue.
Did you run
prefect backend server
Yes, ~/.prefect/backend.toml
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backend = "server"
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I can see that is getting through in the configuration when I debug
It just goes on to set the host to the cloud.
Hmmm, that's odd. Have you changed your
at all?
Just added the auth_token
If I do a brand new install, set the backend to server, start the server and try and create a project it gets this error.
Good news bad news. Looks like a personal problem. I fired it up on a clean Mac and everything works fine. Now to figure out what is up with my Ubuntu machine.
All set. Thanks for asking the questions and keeping me going in the right direction. It looks like I had an old config.toml in my ~/.prefect directory that was getting overlaid on the on in the prefect installation and that was causing the problem.
Excellent, glad to hear you got things working.