Hi team! Are there any useful debugging methods fo...
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Hi team! Are there any useful debugging methods for figuring out why agents arent executing flows? I can see the agent start nicely, and it appears in the Prefect dashboard as healthy, but the
example flow never executes. The agent startup seems fine:
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agent_1      | [2021-02-04 11:16:51,742] INFO - agent | Starting LocalAgent with labels ['753b3ccf1df5']
agent_1      | [2021-02-04 11:16:51,742] INFO - agent | Agent documentation can be found at <https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/>
agent_1      | [2021-02-04 11:16:51,742] INFO - agent | Agent connecting to the Prefect API at <http://apollo:4200>
And its still querying the server (see image), but it never actually does anything? I note that manually starting an agent seems to work, but including an agent in the docker-compose that launches all the other prefect services does not, and the debug output is just continually stating that no flows are found, disagreeing with the UI rather confusingly.
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agent_1      | [2021-02-04 11:34:48,152] DEBUG - agent | No flow runs found
agent_1      | [2021-02-04 11:34:48,153] DEBUG - agent | Next query for flow runs in 10.0 seconds
From what I've seen, the first thing to check in such cases is whether your flows have a subset of the labels of the agent. The catch is that the local agent has a label, which means that if your flows have no labels, they won't be matched with the local agent because flows with no labels only match agents with no labels.
Ah yeah, I see what you mean. Even though I only gave it an โ€œanyโ€ label in my code, its attached another label (the local executor one I think) which my agents dont have set. Alighty, time to see if I can use dask for both local flow and the agent ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the tip!