I see in the <docs> that the default message MIME ...
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I see in the docs that the default message MIME type for the
is text/html but it seems that this is hard coded. Would it make sense to have it as a parameter to the task in the future? I just have some plain text to be sent and gmail is not parsing my newlines properly.
Hi Jan - I think that definitely makes sense; would you be interested in making this change?
Hi Chris. I can try, yes. Think I'll have some time on Sunday. Anything else I need to know before going at it?
Hey @Jan Marais - we have a contributing guide here that should help: https://docs.prefect.io/core/development/contributing.html but otherwise I hope it’s straightforward! If you want to get it started, and then open a PR even if it isn’t complete, you can tag me
and I’d be happy to polish it up to get it over the line for you