Hey community, we are getting the weird and low i...
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Hey community, we are getting the weird and low informative error message
{'type': ['Missing data for required field.']}
as single log directly in the beginning of a flow that directly fails. What could be possible reasons and did you encounter the same? 😮 PS: the flow runs locally but throws this error on Prefect Cloud 🤔
Hi @Robin, could you show some more of the error logs? Perhaps enable debug logs on the agent?
Unfortunately this is the only message we get, I think we have debug level logging already activated 🤔 Could it be that it is related to tasks not being chained? I added a return in one related task and added the returned value as input to another task and that seems to have removed the error. Will test later whether undoing it recreates the issue.
If you can create a MRE that'd be helpful. There should be some more logs on the agent itself and debug logs can be activated with
cloud.agent.level = DEBUG
in your config.
Hi @Robin - we were able to identify this issue and release a fix, so next time you use the UI be sure to hard refresh and you should be good to go 👍
Awesome @Chris White and @Zanie! Thanks for the quick fix 🙏
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