hmmm. when you are creating a project and the proj...
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hmmm. when you are creating a project and the project already exists, prefect cli will just print a message and return without error. so no need for
because this is the default behaviour. but when you're creating a tenant a 2nd time (same name and slug) you will get an exception and return value 1 from the prefect cli. it seems
needs a
create project
The underlying function call returns without a Python error and hence without a CLI error, which was my intent when I requested and implemented the default skipping behaviour. However, I overlooked/ignored the error log, as you can see from the conversation in this pull request: So while functionally the
option has no effect, it does express explicit intention and avoids logging a spurious error message. As for tenant creation: I agree, it would be consistent to do the same thing as for project creation.
great. thanks for the explanation