Hi everyone, Was trying to communicate with API at...
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Hi everyone, Was trying to communicate with API at https://api.prefect.io, managed to fetch flows and create a flow_run. But after some time the API started to return 403 Forbidden. I created new tokens, but still same 403 error. Is there some API rate limiting, or shadow ban? I don't think that I did more than 50 requests in few hours.
Hi @Igor Dykhta, What are you using to manage your authentication for https://api.prefect.io?
(the python client, the CLI, a graphql client, etc)
a graphql client
I used a post request with authentication: Bearer RUNNER_TOKEN
it worked for some time, then 403
Ahh okay
You need a TENANT scoped token
For most API operations related to Flows that you would want to do as a user
RUNNER tokens are for agents and they have a limited set of permissions
I've tried all of them user/tenant/runner