joshua mclellan

    1 year ago
    hey is there a way to run a subset of a flow? ideally I could pick a single task in a flow and any dependent tasks for that specific flow would also be run
    Zach Schumacher

    Zach Schumacher

    1 year ago
    Kevin Kho

    Kevin Kho

    1 year ago
    Hey @joshua mclellan, the short answer is not really. You can make more than one flow object in a script though so you can make another flow that is the subset.
    def add_ten(x):
        print(f'starting {x}')
        print(f'ending {x}')
        return x * 2
    with Flow('simple map') as flow:
        t = add_ten.map([1, 2, 3])
        s = add_ten.map([10, 20, 30])
    with Flow('simple map2') as flow2:
        t = add_ten.map([1, 2])
    Yes Zach is right though that maybe you want the Flow of Flows setup. A lot of users use this to trigger subsections of the full logic at a time. This also has the added benefit that different subflows can run on different Executors
    For running an individual task, you can use
    also, but this won’t run all the dependencies attached.