Hugo Kitano

    1 year ago
    Hi, I’m trying to get on a secret on my cloud account, and having trouble with that I can successfully set a secret using
    from prefect import Client
    client = Client()
    client.set_secret(name="MYSECRET", value="MY SECRET VALUE")
    I can see ‘MYSECRET’ on my cloud UI, so I’m sure I’m authorized etc. But I am unable to get a secret with:
    from prefect.client import Secret
    # Load the value of `MYSECRET`
    my_secret_value = Secret("MYSECRET").get()
    Where I get a
    *** ValueError: Local Secret "MYSECRET" was not found.
    error. Reading the docs, I see that it should be looking for a local secret first, and if not found, will look for a cloud secret. I think it is not looking for a cloud secret
    Kevin Kho

    Kevin Kho

    1 year ago
    Hi @Hugo Kitano, will look at this. If you want to get it working in the mean, you can set
    I got clarification on this that I should should share with you. The default for this env variable is “true” on local and running on Prefect sets it as false on Cloud to pull from Cloud