st dabu

08/25/2021, 8:55 AM
I am doing this python (this creates a flow and registers() and runs() it. when I do this , i only see that the prefect task is only registered in the prefect UI but actually not running in the agent but just in my local machine from where I invoke the python code..

Bruno Murino

08/25/2021, 8:57 AM
Did you specify the agent when building the flow? Did you deploy the agent and the flow with the same labels? (not required for local agent)

st dabu

08/25/2021, 8:58 AM
"Did you specify the agent when building the flow?" I didnt do this..
can you share that specific syntax ?

Kevin Kho

08/25/2021, 1:53 PM
It sounds like you are using both
in the same script? You just need register and then Prefect Cloud will take care of triggering the flow runs based on the specified schedule or if you hit “Quick Run” on the Flow. These will then triggers Flow runs that can be picked up by agents.

st dabu

08/25/2021, 3:29 PM
Yeah, now in script , i just do flow.register and later i do
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prefect run -n hello-flow
This works though
Thanks @Bruno Murino @Kevin Kho