Bastian Röhrig

    1 year ago
    Hi everyone, I found a weird behaviour when I use a timeout with a LocalDaskExecutor and manually raise a Success. The task will always fail with the timeout error message, even if it takes less time than the specified timeout. Minimal example:
    from prefect import Flow, task
    from prefect.executors import LocalDaskExecutor
    from prefect.engine.signals import SUCCESS
    def succeed():
        raise SUCCESS()
    with Flow("timeout-test") as flow:
    flow.executor = LocalDaskExecutor()
    Is this the intended behaviour? Can anyone reproduce it?
    Zach Angell

    Zach Angell

    1 year ago
    Hi @Bastian Röhrig, thanks for the minimal example here! I can reproduce. I don't believe this is the intended behavior, I'll check with the team.
    @Marvin archive "Signals not being captured correctly for LocalDaskExecutor"


    1 year ago