Bret Haueter

11/04/2021, 5:02 PM
Ran into a strange issue while clearing my Account data. I had set up a personal Team to prove out some use cases for Prefect and then found out my manager had set up a Team already for this purpose. While joined to both Teams, I went to the Account tab on my personal Team, cleared all data, and removed myself and all users from that Team. Everything seemed to work swimmingly, until I realized that all content I had personally created in either Team was deleted. This included a test Flow and a service API key I created for AWS ECS. Furthermore, I was now the only member of the Team my manager created, seeming to mean that purging the Account data actually did so for both Teams. Is this expected behavior or did I hit an odd bug?

Kevin Kho

11/04/2021, 5:03 PM
Hi Bret, will ask some team members for you.
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11/04/2021, 5:10 PM
HI @Bret Haueter - would you mind DMing me both your team’s name/slug so we can investigate?