Martin Goldman

    10 months ago
    Hi gang! Silly question here: does anybody use Prefect on a team of non-Python engineers where the task code won’t be Python? The centralized-workflow-but-distributed-execution model is what I’m looking for, and I was trying to fashion a janky way of bolting that onto another product before finding this offering.
    I was thinking about whether I could have my tasks be container images, and then write a single flow that takes an input with an array of image names, and then uses Docker tasks to run them in sequence, something like that. That would only give me one really simple type of workflow, granted, but it’s a start.  Anything I’m not considering here?
    Kevin Kho

    Kevin Kho

    10 months ago
    So you are tried to Python, but you can invoke all the non-Python code you want with the
    and the
    tasks. We do have non-Python users who use the task library for the most part.