Aqib Fayyaz

    Aqib Fayyaz

    10 months ago
    Did someone tried deploying prefect agent on GKE using skaffold.yaml file?
    Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    10 months ago
    I did not, but maybe someone from the community did. Btw, when you run:
    prefect agent kubernetes install --key your-api-key --label yourLabel --rbac >> agent.yaml
    This will generate a YAML file for you that you can apply to the cluster.
    for posterity: @Aqib Fayyaz shared that this worked for their team to deploy prefect server on GKE using helm chart in skaffold:
          - name: prefect-server
            repo: <>
            remoteChart: prefect-server
              agent.enabled : true