Is there a Global/Flow level context I can put som...
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Is there a Global/Flow level context I can put some data on?
The KV Store is the best place for that I think
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That is Global across all Flows! 😆
Yeah, that is what I was trying to remember, but I dont think it is what I want. Trying to work around BQ rate limits on writing some context (and other) metadata to the db
Wait, is there a doc/definition for the GraphQL API somewhere?
Oh I don’t think there is room for that to store metadata in the Prefect database. The documentation would be in the
Interactive API
tab of the UI
How big is this metadata?
It is some pieces of the context and then some metrics from the run. Record counts, page status on APIs
I think conceptually using a task to output a result would make the most sense. We don’t have any place in the database to insert information.
Yeah, I just need to write data form multiple tasks to one metadata table. And I don't want to stream the data in if I don't have to. Thinking a Flow Run ID named file will be unique enough for me to stash it all and write at the end of the Flow.
As always thanks for your help!
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