...is there any chance that ditching the DAG with ...
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...is there any chance that ditching the DAG with Orion could maybe allow for hot-reloading of Flow code? (So like Error->Push changes->Restart from where you were, but with changes incorporated on downstream Tasks)
(this might be a terrible idea though lol)
This actually came up in a recent discussion and we are thinking of it
Not sure about restarts, but this will work already in Orion: • Error->Push changes->Start a new flow run from your deployment This works because Orion doesn’t require a preregistration and as long as your changed code lives in the same location as the one defined in your flow’s DeploymentSpec, it will work out of the box.
This is only about the actual flow definition - if your dependency changed (e.g. custom modules your flow depends on), then you need to make sure those are updated in the environment your FlowRunner from the deployment points to.
Oooh, neat!
This would work if the task
ignored errored states somehow