Ovo Ojameruaye

01/26/2022, 5:54 AM
Hello, Is it possible to define dependencies between a flow scheduled to run on an agent on premise and an azure ML pipeline scheduled on the azureML that runs on a cluster managed by azure? I have some flows that perform some ETL that should be done before my AzureML pipeline runs. Sometimes the ETLs runs longer than it should and since the data is refreshed, my AzureML pipeline runs on stale data. Appreciate any help

Anna Geller

01/26/2022, 10:42 AM
If the Azure ML pipeline can be triggered from a Prefect flow, then this will work well - do you already have it as a Prefect task or flow? You could use the
task to define a flow of flows.
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Ovo Ojameruaye

01/26/2022, 7:18 PM
I'd give this a go, thanks