Hello! I'm having a little bug with automation, a ...
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Hello! I'm having a little bug with automation, a few days ago I was struggling with emails notifications when sending to an alias, so I switched to slack notifications We realized it was due to restrictions on the alias (only mails from our organization were allowed) We removed this restriction and now prefect sends us notifications by email, BUT I deleted all the email automation and the mail keeps coming, what should i do ?
You can delete the automation actions from this UI page: https://cloud.prefect.io/team/actions And you can delete automations from the main dashboard in the automations tab
The automation is already deleted, only the slack one appears on the automations tab but emails were still sent this morning I just deleted the automation action as well I'll check if it fixed it
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@Anna Geller Hi! my team still receives mail notification after i deleted all the mail actions and automations It seems to concerned only a schedule flow, any idea what could cause this?
Can you DM me your team slug and some screenshots confirming the issue? I would share with the team to investigate
E.g. do you see the automation and automation action in the UI? How was it configured?