Hi folks, a question about prefect cloud automatio...
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Hi folks, a question about prefect cloud automations. What does the “does not start” condition really mean? Does it wait to check until the flow run is in a “Running” state; or does a “Submitted” state equate to a “start”?
i.e. given an automation like the one shown in the screenshot “When any run from {flow_name} does not start after 60s cancel that run”
Does that mean this will wait for {flow_name} to go into a Running state or a Submitted state ?
Good question, I had to check myself to be sure. Running state. From the docs about this automation: "This event fires if a flow is late to start, i.e. the flow has not entered a running state some time after the scheduled start time" So it checks the time your flow run needed to transition from the Scheduled state into a Running state. Submitted state is a Meta state of Scheduled (a wrapper around a Scheduled state) that adds additional metadata to the Scheduled state
Thank you for responding on a Sunday ! That is good to know and fits well with our use case: We are experiencing a somewhat rare event where some flow runs get stuck in a Submitted stated and I am thinking of using this SLA to circumvent this issue for now until I dig deeper into what is happening on EKS… btw- I am just reading the announcement about the move to Discourse … I have never used discourse before; but I suppose would this question I posed be a good candidate for posting on discourse ?
It looks like Anna already archived it to Discourse
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