Hi there, Trying to save a csv to GCS using pandas...
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Hi there, Trying to save a csv to GCS using pandas in a Prefect cloud flow... I have set the GCP_CREDENTIALS key on prefect cloud, which I am beginning to realize is for prefect GCP tasks only, but I am getting the GCS 401 error that suggests the credentials are missing. Is there a way to pass the credentials into the pandas operation using the saved credentials on Prefect Cloud or is there another way using Prefect tasks that could work?
You are right
is Prefect specific. The standard way is having an env variable called
and pointing it to a JSON containing the credentials. Or maybe you can just import this function and create the Client the same way for the task you have so that you can reuse the same Secret?
Thanks for the quick response. let me try it out.
Works like a charm. Much appreciated.