Hello! I'm testing out orion and have an issue wi...
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Hello! I'm testing out orion and have an issue with the client. When I try to run the sample for python client it gives me an error:
line 282, in get_profile_context raise MissingContextError("No profile context found.")
Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Hey Brian, could you show me the example you are referring to?
I tried it and it works for me:
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import asyncio
from prefect.client import get_client

async def some_function():
    async with get_client() as client:
        response = await client.hello()


if __name__=="__main__":
what is your Orion version?
that works for me...not sure what I was doing wrong before. Thanks!
I was trying from python REPL and it throws the error i see. running you script it works