Hi community! I am wondering if I can create a flo...
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Hi community! I am wondering if I can create a flow run with a specific task states configuration. My use case is to run a subset of the flow tasks, so I could set the state of some tasks to
and the flow run just runs the rest of the tasks (obviously with no data dependencies between those tasks). Thank you in advance!
I think this is what you're looking for: https://docs.prefect.io/core/advanced_tutorials/advanced-mapping.html#extend-flow-to-write-to-a-database Here they first scrape a website and process results, then extend this flow by writing to database. The exact part you need is just below the full flow visualization
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Oh thank you very much @Mathijs Carlu, that’s what I’m looking for! 😄
Do you know if that can be used with prefect server or prefect cloud? At least in the UI I don’t see the options to set a configuration for
This is for local execution with Prefect Core. In the UI, you can restart from failure and before you do that you can set task run state manually But note that using this restart UI feature requires that you have results configured on your tasks
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