David Michael Carter

02/28/2022, 5:03 PM
I have a task which I am attempting to parallelize. The function I am mapping returns a small dataframe. I need to append all of these small dataframes into a final result which i will send to the next task. So far, I am attempting to append to a global DF within the flow steps (no luck):
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finalDF = finalDF.append(

TypeError: cannot concatenate object of type '<class 'prefect.tasks.core.function.FunctionTask'>'; only Series and DataFrame objs are valid
Am I on the right track here, or do I need a completely new approach?

Kevin Kho

02/28/2022, 5:07 PM
Hi @David Michael Carter, I think you need to do
and then if you get a list of DataFrames, you’ll need another task for that logic. There is a distinction between build time and runtime. Tasks are evaluated during runtime. This append is evaluated during build time when
hasn’t materialized yet. You likely need to encapsulate this logic in a task and call the append inside a task to defer the execution

David Michael Carter

02/28/2022, 5:50 PM
@Kevin Kho does it again! Thanks dude. The function ended up not being parallel-izable, but the mapping worked and simplified my code a little bit. Good to know the result of
is a list obj
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