Hi! I don't know if its a known issue but I experi...
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Hi! I don't know if its a known issue but I experienced some strange behavior with the date selector when using the DateTimeParameter, selecting any date between april and october froze the UI for one minute then it selected some later date (25 october for 2020, 31 october for 2021 for example, for the ones I tested) Seems like a timezone conflict, Prefect Cloud detected my time zone as Paris, I changed to local it's working for now 🙂
That is weird. What do you mean by you changed to local?
On the UI, in account settings I changed the default time zone, I tried 'local' and 'utc' and they both seemed to fix the date selector, although I'm not sure to which one corresponds 'local' so I stayed with 'utc' now
Ok it’s the first time I’ve this. Will bring it up with the engineers. This is server right?
I'm on Cloud, not urgent as UTC is perfectly fine for me thanks 🙂
Ahh ok. Thanks!
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@Marvin open “Timezone might not be imported from moment.js” in UI
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Thanks @Emma Rizzi - for info "local" is the timezone set by your browser.
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