Hi all, I'm using prefect core, and when I ```run ...
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Hi all, I'm using prefect core, and when I
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run prefect server start
I get the following error
Pulling postgres ... error
Pulling hasura   ... error
Pulling graphql  ... error
Pulling apollo   ... error
Pulling towel    ... error
Pulling ui       ...
There are so many reasons why pulling a Docker image can error out - it could be some network DNS issue, Internet connectivity, not enough space on the disk to pull the image, wrong image version, ... The easiest way to troubleshoot would be: • restart your machine/VM • restart your Docker Desktop/Docker client • ensure your Internet connection works stably • try to pull the image manually to see if this works:
docker pull postgres
Ok, I had to run it without internet connection I opened the network only on https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/ to make sure that
docker-compose pull
works as well, and that solves the problem
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