I've built a flow_of_flows orchestration for my pr...
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I've built a flow_of_flows orchestration for my prefect project. Is it possible to see the task dependencies under each nested flow in the UI schematic? Right now I just see 2 flows, but I can't seem to drill down further into each flow
This is for Prefect 1.0 right?
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@Kevin Kho, Prefect 1.0 that's correct
For Prefect 1.0 this is not a first class thing. In 2.0 it will be. For 1.0, you need to go to the subflow run in order to view the tasks and logs
@Kevin Kho, what about being able to rename how task names display in the UI. For example, I have a
statement and it displays
, which is ok for someone who is developing the pipeline like myself, but for others, its not clear. Is this possible in 1.0?
For that specific task, I think the name argument is not exposed because it uses a task underneath here and there is no option to pass kwargs. You can open an issue on Github though