03/15/2022, 10:11 PM
Another orion question; I'm trying to run a simple flow with an existing dask SSH cluster and its failing on trying to open the orion sqlite db on the remote host
my understanding was that prefect would simply use dask as the execution engine in the task runner, I would have thought prefect would just sendt the inner funciton of the tasks to the dask scheduler (not requiring any prefect-ness)
now that I think about this more - it seems like prefect would need to ship information to the worker - but I still wonder why the remote worker was trying to open the db file on the remote server rather than communcating with the api ?

Anna Geller

03/15/2022, 11:46 PM
@Brad if you want to discuss this further, it could make sense to open a Github issue on the prefect repo (with prefix
"Orion: "
) to investigate it in more detail - e.g. I haven't used Orion with an existing Dask cluster yet