Anna Geller

04/26/2022, 6:42 PM
Hi, Prefectionists! 👋 Want to chat about best practices in workflow orchestration? We've just created a new channel #best-practices-orchestration. Especially as we continue to iterate on Prefect 2.0 to be the best workflow orchestration engine everyone will love working with, we welcome a dialogue about best practices and your expectations! 😛refect2: :cloud2: Also, if you want to chat about various trends in the data industry or share some tricks to work with data more efficiently, the new channel #data-tricks-and-tips is the best place to start a conversation. Lastly, to celebrate how :marvin-duck: conquers the world, we started a channel #marvin-in-the-wild posting pictures from places Marvin has visited so far. Make sure to join the channels - we are excited about all data and workflow orchestration chats. Happy Engineering!
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