Greg Desmarais

07/18/2020, 3:44 PM
How do I stop all these log messages on prefect server:
hasura_1     | {"type":"http-log","timestamp":"2020-07-18T15:43:04.599+0000","level":"info","detail":{"operation":{"query_execution_time":3.814376e-3,"user_vars":{"x-hasura-role":"admin"},"request_id":"c6784bfe-20f8-4863-99da-1fd1a69c9eb2","response_size":98,"request_read_time":4.539e-6},"http_info":{"status":200,"http_version":"HTTP/1.1","url":"/v1alpha1/graphql","ip":"","method":"POST","content_encoding":"gzip"}}}
I have my log level at the default (info) im my config.toml, and these seem to be debug level. I could raise the log level higher, but I want to see info level. These messages appear over and over and pollute my logs...


07/18/2020, 6:15 PM
@Greg Desmarais unfortunately configuring Prefect Server in that way is not straightforward (because of how we bundle it into a Docker Compose file), but this specific headache is fixed (and configuration more broadly is more cleanly exposed) in the next release

Greg Desmarais

07/20/2020, 4:38 AM
Got it. While the compose setup is nice from a 0 to go, it definitely breaks down on productization/customization.