Hello Everyone, how to access a task return value ...
# prefect-server
Hello Everyone, how to access a task return value inside a flow state handler? I am using Prefect Core 0.12.1 installed on a singe EC2 instance
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def notify_on_success(flow: Flow, old_state: State, new_state: State)->State:

        getSmsTextTask=flow.get_tasks(name="Retrieve SMS Text")[0]
        scheduledSmsIdTask = flow.get_tasks(name="scheduleSmsId")[0]
        scheduleSmsId = new_state.result[scheduledSmsIdTask]._result.value
        send_email(["myemail"],message=mailText,subject="SMS SENDING COMPLETE")
(I have to mention that scheduleSmsId is a Parameter) This result handler works fine in my local machine but once i test it on my EC2 instance i get this error:
Exception raised while calling state handlers: KeyError(<Task: Retrieve SMS Text>,)
Hi @Mac Gréco Péralte Chéry - that
dictionary on the flow state is only populated after the final state transition has occurred (so after this state handler gets called). If you want to react to the result of an individual task I recommend writing a task state handler instead
Thank you for your answer. My use case is pretty simple. I have a app based on php that have an interface to schedule sms message, on the backend i use a php graphql client to do the query to run the SMS flow. We have nearly 5000 recipients in our database. I want to send an email message to the person who scheduled the flow once it is finished and the flow state is successful. I want to show in the email what the value of smsMessage was. Take a look at the flow code:
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with Flow("SMS FLOW",storage=S3(bucket="prefect-bucket"),state_handlers=[slack_notifier(only_states=[Failed]),notify_on_success],result=S3Result(bucket="prefect-flows")) as flow:
    scheduleSmsId = Parameter(name="scheduleSmsId", required=True)
    sender = Parameter(name="sender", default='xxxxxxx')

    # Send identified numbers selected message
    status = send_twilio_sms.map(smsRecipients,unmapped(smsMessage),unmapped(scheduleSmsId),unmapped(sender))
    # Save the results of the SMS message to database
    saved_status = save_sms_status(upstream_tasks=[smsMessage],status=status)
I have also another option . Its to create an additionnal task after the save_sms_status task that will send the email to the stakeholders.
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# We define a task that send email  an to stakeholders once the twillio sms logs are saved to the database (we consider the flow is successful at this point)
Ah interesting, that makes sense; I think adding a final terminal task to the Flow that sends the email is the right way to go in this case
Yeah, i agree with you. I will do it this way. Thank you for your help!.